Protein shake should be in your daily meal plan

Protein is one of the main macro-nutrients which help the body get its energy. Without it, chances are you’ll never have the body that Arnold Schwarzenegger had in his youth, because it plays a vital role in muscle growth and repair. Apart from this aesthetic purpose, through protein, your body maintains a reasonable level of PH in the blood and facilitates the chemical reactions.

If you are a gym regular or have friends who like going to the gym, you will probably notice that the protein shakes come often into the discussion. The protein powders made into a shake you can consume on a daily basis, have received quite a lot of popularity points lately. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since the protein powder is a nutritional supplement that everyone can benefit from and here is why:

    • Protein Powder Can Avoid Muscle Loss

We all know that practice makes things perfect and when it comes to muscle gain, the lack of exercises can cause you to lose what took you years to achieve. A daily regime involving proteins is a must, because it provides you with fundamental amino acids; besides, not taking in enough will be an impediment to rebuilding those precious muscles.

  • Protein Powder Speeds Up the Recovery after a Heavy Workout

For best results, protein should be taken before and after you work out those muscles and there are in fact special protein shakes for both cases. The pre-workout protein will prepare your muscles for the exercises they will face next, while the post-workout protein shake will accelerate the recovery process and increase your strength.

  • Protein Powder Makes Your Bones Stronger

If you were one of those who didn’t listen to their mums when they were told to drink their milk, you will probably be thrilled to know that the protein shakes are a great calcium supplement. Calcium makes your bones strong and gives you a high level of energy; however, it’s not that easy to achieve the daily requirement. This is when the workout protein shakes come to the rescue, because just by taking a pre and a post-workout one, you will already have half of the calcium you need for the day.

  • Protein Powder Helps Vegetarians Complete Their Body Requirements

It’s a hard-knock life out there for the vegetarians and not just for the endless teasing by the meat-lovers, but because they actually have difficulties in meeting the needed protein levels, found mostly in meat. Grains, vegetables and fruits don’t really help that much and this is the moment when the protein powder makes its bold entrance, facilitating everything and helping the body to reach the required amount.

  • Keeps up with the body’s high need for protein

When the body, meaning you, is in growth, more protein is needed for its proper functioning. A mix of protein powder, banana, milk and peanut butter should do the trick, being that welcomed addition to your meal plan consisting also of carbohydrates and healthy fats. Thankfully, the protein powder has other benefits as well, including acting as an antioxidant and making your body more immune.

In a nutshell, whether you are an aspiring body builder or a person with a low-protein meal plan, the protein powder is the way to go.

Use The Right Supplements at The Right Time for The Best Muscle Building Results

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